Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 3

Welcome to your Prefix & Suffix

1) Generally, prefix are added before/after the root word.

2) You should learn --regular verbs by heart. Fill the blank with appropriate prefix.

3) She is riding a --cycle. Add proper prefix.

4) Generally, suffix are added ______ the root word.

5) Some students displayed the --proper behavior during the activity. Add proper prefix.

6) The sofa is comfort--. Use suitable suffix.

7) The teddy-bears are so cute & love--. Use suitable suffix.

8) Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you correctly. I --understood you. Use suitable prefix.

9) I teach science in big a university. I am a physics teach--. Use suitable suffix.

10) I go to fit-- center twice a week. Use suitable suffix.

11) I just can't believe it! The story is --believable! Use suitable prefix.

12) She is so adore--. Use suitable suffix.

13) Poor countries suffer from --employ--. Use suitable suffix & prefix.

14) Success-- people always set smart goals. Use suitable suffix.

15) Which of the following prefix is suitable for the root word "respect"?

16) The fish is --cooked. It is totally burnt. Use suitable prefix.

17) Which of the following suffix is suitable for the root word "enjoy"?

18) Which of the following suffix is suitable for the root word "free"?

19) They are good sing--. Use suitable suffix.

20) They play-- cricket with full of enjoy--. Use suitable suffix.

21) Could you simple-- your instructions , please? Use suitable suffix.

22) What is the suitable prefix for the root word "water"?

23) Kindly --plug the charger. Use suitable prefix.

24) She is --happy with his work. Use suitable prefix.

25) He is an __-serviceman. Use suitable prefix.

26) I don't think he will be --elected for another item. Use appropriate prefix.

27) It was --fair of the teacher not to treat the students equal--. Use appropriate suffix & prefix.

28) Your ideas are --relevant. Use suitable prefix.

29) She is ____-esteemed. Use appropriate prefix.

30) She is friend-- in nature. Use suitable suffix.

31) She is ____-dependent in all aspects. Use suitable prefix.

32) Which prefix is suitable for the root word "religion"?

33) Dettol is an ____-septic liquid. Use appropriate prefix.

34) Which suffix is appropriate for the root word "govern"?

35) Which suffix is suitable for the root word "social"?

36) We wear wool-- clothes in winter season. Use suitable suffix.

37) He couldn't go to work yesterday because of his sick--. Use appropriate suffix.

38) India is a develop-- country. Use suitable suffix.

39) He is not able to work, as she is rest--. Use suffix.

40) Kids never have an argue--. Use suffix.

41) No, that answer is --correct. Use prefix.

42) He didn't eat the meat ,as it is --cooked. Use prefix.

43) He is still --employed. Use prefix.

44) Janet is totally --reliable as a source of information. Use suffix.

45) In some poor countries, a lot of people are --literate. Use prefix.

46) Which suffix is used with the root word "Hindu"?

47) What prefix is used for the root word "racist"?

48) Which prefix is used with the root word "American"?

49) Which of the following is correct?

50) What suffix is used for the root word "beauty"?