Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 4

Welcome to your Parts of speech

1) How many types of parts of speech are there?

2) A noun represents a ______ .

3) The cat is sleeping on the windowsill. (Identify the noun.)

4) This is my book. (Identify the noun.)

5) Sana dance well.( Identify the noun.)

6) A pronoun replaces a ______ .

7) She is a good girl. (Identify the pronoun.)

8) He is coming with me. Identify the pronoun.

9)Madhu & her sister sings well. (Identify the noun & pronoun respectively.)

10) They are playing together. (Identify the pronoun.)

11) I live in Bengaluru. (Identify the noun).

12) Namitha is not coming today. (Identify the noun.)

13) A verb describes an ______ .

14) She is reading a newspaper. (Identify the verb).

15) While cutting vegetables, Mitu cut ______ . Fill the blank with appropriate pronoun.

16) He ______ me a book. Fill the blank with suitable verb.

17) London is on the river of Thames. Pick out the noun from the sentence.

18) An adjective _____ a noun.

19) A ____ mountain. Fill the blank with proper adjective.

20) The Cheetah is the ____ land animal. Fill the blank with suitable adjective.

21) An adverb _____ verb, adjective & other adverb.

22) I saw a beautiful sunset at the beach. Pick out the adjective.

23) She _____ till late night daily. Fill the blank with suitable verb.

24) Miss Gwen is our new class teacher. ___ is very sweet. Use suitable pronoun.

25) Sheena and her sister dance well. Identify the noun & pronoun respectively.

26) She is coming with me. Identify the pronoun & verb.

27) As we eat more, we get ____ . Use suitable adjective.

28)The teacher ________ the lesson yesterday.(Select the appropriate form of verb)

29)The dog shivered.(Identify the verb)

30)The moon disappeared behind the clouds.(Identify the verb)

31)Nobody said a word. (Identify the verb)

32)Our hearts beat faster.(Identify the verb)

33)The Great Wall of China is a historical monument.(Identify the noun)

34)Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch.(Identify the noun)

35)The pack of wolves howled at the moon.(Identify the noun)

36)We cannot live without water.(Identify the noun)

37) The jury has given its verdict.(Identify the noun)

38)I had no idea such a fantastic place existed.(Select the adjective)

39)The ship sustained heavy damage.(Select the adjective)

40)The teacher called your name twice.(Find out the adjective)

41)The girl is a state-level boxer.(Identify the adjective)

42)Naomi won the second prize.(Identify the verb)

43)Penny saw the accident with her own eyes.(Select the verb)

44)I had an eventful day.(Select the adjective)

45)My sister brought some French pastries.(Identify the verb)

46)The white pomeranian is very fluffy.(Select the adjective)

47)The food was delicious.(Select the adjective)

48)The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.(Select the adjective)

49)Can you _________ me where he lives?(Select the correct form of verb)

50)He sings a song.(Select the pronoun)