Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 12

Welcome to your Capital letters

1)Capital letter is used to ________ .

2)Use capital letter & punctuation: we live in india

3)Use capital letter: quit india movement was started by mahatma gandhi.

4)Use capitals: what a lovely rose in your hand.

5)i visitied mr. smith, the chairman of the board, on september 10(Use capitals)

6)president smith gave a speech in which he said "resigning is not an option."(Use capitals)

7)may i visit the oval office, president?(Use capitals)

8)he loved the book, which was called "a day in france."(Use capitals)

9)the federal bureau of investigations (f.b.i.) looks into crimes, and the bureau also protects america.(Use capitals)

10)i am originally from the south but now i live in the north.(Use capitals)

11)my courses this semester include english, science, and math 100.(Use capitals)

12)the state board collects state and federal taxes.(Use capitals)

13)september and october are the prettiest months of autumn.(Use capitals)

14)the book, "the big red dog" is a hit among children: they enjoy reading about the dogs adventures.

15)river yamuna flows through agra(Use capitals)

16)eiffel tower is the most famous monument in france(Use capitals)

17)Use capital letter & punctuation where needed: bill gates said hard work leads to success

18)my brother is a singer(Use capitals)

19)where have you been all this while(Use capitals)

20)you look hot are you ill(Use capitals)

21)come here at once(Use capitals)

22)rohan is a smart boy(Use capitals)

23)sania couldnt believe her eyes when she saw the bicycle(Use capitals)

24)india is the seventh largest country in the world

25)mumbai is the capital of maharashtra(Use capitals)

26)my best friend and his family are moving to chennai(Use capitals)

27)you dont look happy to see me do you(Use capitals)

28)you shouldnt have done this to john(Use capitals)

29)there is a large rain forest in south america(Use capitals)

30)Use punctuation & capital letter wherever necessary: how are you he asked me

31)Punctuate the sentence: may you live long

32)my favorite books are green eggs and ham and horton hears a who.(Use capitals)

33)on sunday, i will see the movie star wars and eat at taco bell.(Use capitals)

34)terry and louis went to central park last july.(Use capitals)

35)she has a friend from london, england.(Use capitals)

36)did you know that abraham lincoln was the sixteenth president?(Use capitals)

37)Big Ben of London is a clock.(Is this written in correct format?)

38)I drove east to the city and turned north.(Is this written in correct format?)

39)My family supports the American cancer society.(Is this written in correct format?)

40)Yellowstone National Park is a great Park.(Is this written in correct format?)

41)I work for the New York Times.(Is this written in correct format?)

42)She is a republican and proud of it.(Is this written in correct format?)

43)The Emancipation proclamation was issued in 1862.(Is this written in correct format?)

44)Buddhists have been around a very long time.(Is this written in correct format?)

45)The Sydney Opera House is a Gorgeous Building.(Is this written in correct format?)

46)The Bronze Age lasted for several thousand years.(Is this written in correct format?)

47)jawaharlal nehru was the first ever prime minister of india.(Is this written in correct format?)

48)Have you seen the sun today?(Is this written in correct format?)

49)have you visited the taj mahal?(Is this written in correct format?)

50)The smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury.(Is this written in correct format?)