Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 6

Welcome to your Present Continuous Tense

1) What is the form of the sentence in present continuous tense?

2) I ______ an email right now. (write)

3) Which exercise _______ just now? (do)

4) You are working on your assignment. Change into question form.

5) They _______ to Paris next week. (travel)

6) I am not watching. Change into question form.

7) She ________ on a new project this week. (work)

8) What are the signal words of present continuous tense?

9) Which of the following is the interrogative form of present continuous tense?

10) Change the sentence into interrogative form : The Prime Minister is visiting the school.

11) Change the sentence into negative form : Is he watching TV?

12) The boys ____ in the pond. (swim : present continuous)

13) Change into present continuous : Ram walks to school.

14) Change into present continuous : You went in the wrong direction.

15) The wrestlers fought hard. : Change into interrogative form.

16) Ronaldo ___ his team. (train : present continuous)

17) My mother ____ a sweater for my sister. (knit : present continuous)

18) The baby ___ with her mother. (giggle : present continuous)

19) Change into interrogative : The cuckoo sings beautifully.

20) She teaches French at the school. Change into present continuous.

21) Change into present continuous : She goes to school.

22) It __________ in the mountains. (snow : present continuous)

23) The kittens ________. (play : present continuous)

24) Mark talks to his friend on the phone. Change into present continuous tense.

25) They is enjoying the hot balloon ride. Is the sentence correct?

26) Change into present continuous : Prerna left for Dubai.

27) We bought a new car. Change into present continuous tense.

28) Sheema ____ for her dance performance. (practise : present continuous tense)

29) I _____ to watch a movie at Inox. (go : present continuous tense)

30) The teacher ____ the students. (teach : present continuous tense)

31) The man ___ on the streets. (beg : present continuous tense)

32) Riya was speaking at the inter-school competition. Is the sentence correct?

33) Anurag plays the guitar. Change into negative present continuous tense.

34) I did a new project. Change into interrogative sentence.

35) I am cleaning my room. Is the sentence correct?

36) They ______ cricket. (play : present continuous tense)

37) The chef ____ his famous ravioli. (cook : present continuous tense)

38) The boys swims in the pond. Change into interrogative sentence.

39) I __________ my parents this weekend. (visit : present continuous tense)

40) _________ (he, sleep : present continuous tense)?

41) The mason was building this tower. Is the sentence correct for present continuous tense?

42) Tom __________ this party (not, attend : present continuous tense)

43) I ____ Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. (read : present continuous tense)

44) The boys annoys everyone present at the party. Change into negative present continuous tense.

45) COVID affects our lungs. Change into present continuous interrogative sentence.

46) They __________ around the world. (not , travel) : present continuous tense

47) She read a book. Change into present continuous interrogative sentence.

48) Alice __________ in the market. (shop : present continuous tense)

49) He _______ them. (insult : present continuous tense)

50) You are listening to music. Change into interrogative sentence.