Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 10

Welcome to your Articles-2

1)I want ____ apple from that basket.(Choose the correct article)

2)____ church on the corner is progressive.(Choose the correct article)

3)Miss Lin speaks ____ Chinese.(Choose the correct article)

4)I borrowed ____ pencil from your pile of pencils and pens.(Choose the correct article)

5)One of the students said, "____ professor is late today."(Choose the correct article)

6)Eli likes to play ____ volleyball.(Choose the correct article)

7) I bought ____ umbrella to go out in the rain.(Choose the correct article)

8)My daughter is learning to play ____ violin at her school.(Choose the correct article)

9) Please give me ____ cake that is on the counter.(Select the correct article)

10)I lived on ____ Main Street when I first came to town.(Select the correct article)

11)Albany is the capital of ____ New York State.(Select the correct article)

12)My husband's family speaks ____ Polish.(Select the correct article)

13)____ apple a day keeps the doctor away.(Select the correct article)

14)____ ink in my pen is red.(Select the correct article)

15)Our neighbors have ____ cat.

16) ______ moon is shining in _____ sky.(Put the appropriate article.)

17)She is _____ honest girl.(Select the correct article)

18)Rita is _________ interesting person.(Select the correct article)

19)Shall we go out for _________ meal this evening?(Select the correct article)

20)Yes, that is ________ good idea.(Select the correct article)

21)Sushma wants to be ________ journalist.(Select the correct article)

22)Can I ask _______ question?(Select the correct article)

23)My father is ____ M.A. in mathematics.(Select the correct article)

24)Correct the sentence : Mohan is the boy.

25)Jeet can play _____ guitar.(Select the correct article)

26)Rohit is ____ unique boy.(Put the correct article)

27)Correct the sentence : The mankind should love the nature.

28) Charles Babbage is considered as _____ father of computer. (Put article.)

29)Will you take _____ picture of us? (Select the correct article)

30)I broke ____ vase my brother brought. (Put article.)

31)Mount Everest is in ________ Himalayas.(Select the correct article)

32)_______ President of the United States was elected last year.(Select the right article)

33)It's __________ most expensive hotel in town.(Select the right article)

34)My mother is allergic to ______ cigarette smoke.(Select the right article)

35) An atheist does not believe in __________ God.(Select the right article)

36) I'm against ________ capital punishment.(Select the right article)

37)Could you turn off _________ light when you leave?(Select the right article)

38)My daughter is _____ apple of my eyes.(Select the right article)

39)____ Eiffle tower lights up at night.(Select the right article)

40) He fell asleep in ____ red chair. Put article.

41)Neha is ____ software engineer. Put article.

42)_________ roses are my favorite flowers.(Select the right article)

43)I always listen to __________ radio on my way into work.(Select the right article)

44)Could you close _________ door, please?(Select the right article)

45)They live in ________lovely flat.(Select the right article)

46)It's _________ old house and needs some work.(Select the right article)

47)He's wearing ________tie I gave him.(Select the right article)

48)We were stopped by _________ police last night.(Select the right article)

49)It's ______ honor for me. Insert article.

50) My mother is _____ English teacher. Fill the blank with article.