Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 11

Welcome to your Punctuation

1) How many types of punctuation marks have you studied in this class?

2) The full stop indicates ______ .

3) Use appropriate punctuation marks: What are you doing next weekend

4) Correct the sentence: i enjoy cooking baking gardening a lot

5) Correct the sentence: the girls father sat in a corner

6) Use appropriate punctuation marks: We had a great time in France the kids really enjoyed it

7) Choose the sentence with appropriate use of punctuation.

8) Use suitable punctuation marks: China is the most populated country

9) Use suitable punctuation marks: Do not go outside she said

10) Which punctuation is correct for this sentence: That's fantastic

11) Use capital letters wherever necessary: my doctor's name is dr . kumar

12) Use appropriate punctuation marks: It indicates pauses clarify structure and facilitate com[prehension

13) Use appropriate punctuation mark: Is she reading book

14) Use appropriate punctuation mark & capital letter: harsh dont touch that

15) Use punctuation mark wherever necessary: Youre such a liar

16) Use punctuation & capital letter wherever necessary: how are you he asked me

17) Use appropriate punctuation: Joan likes eggs Jennifer does not

18) Use punctuation mark: I like only one color black

19) Use capital letter & punctuation wherever necessary: several countries participated in the airlift india italy belgium france luxembourge

20) Use capital letter & punctuation where needed: bill gates said hard work leads to success

21) Use punctuation mark: Wonderful we did it

22) We had a great time in France the kids really enjoyed it(Punctuate the sentence)

23) Use capital letter & punctuation: we live in india

24) your next class will be on wednesday(Punctuate the sentence)

25) Some people work best in the mornings others do better in the evenings(Punctuate the sentence)

26) Punctuate the sentence with suitable mark: i love it

27) Punctuate the sentence with suitable mark: help help i slipped on the floor

28) Punctuate the sentence using capitals where necessary: india is a country where hindus muslims christians sikhs live without hatred

29) Punctuate sentence with capitals where necessary: shakespeare 's has four of the greatest tragedies hamlet macbeth othello king lear

30) What are you doing next weekend(Punctuate the sentence)

31) Use punctuation: james the famous english poet

32) Use punctuation: study harder otherwise you will fail

33) Use capitals & punctuations: truth is god god is truth

34) Punctuate the sentence: may you live long

35) Punctuate the sentence: mother should i stay or leave

36) Punctuate the sentence: pardon me o god

37) Punctuate the sentence: yes i can meet you tomorrow if the weather is fine

38) Punctuate the sentence: will you help me

39) The Dash(_) is used to indicate ________ .

40) Question mark is used _______ of a sentence.

41) Apostrophe (') indicates _______ .

42) Punctuate the sentence: to err is human to forgive divine

43) Punctuate the sentence: how beautiful the sky is

44) Punctuate the sentence: who are you

45) Punctuate the sentence: i have no money therefore i cant buy this book

46)Punctuate the sentence: if my were alive but why think of the past

47) Punctuate the sentence: its a nice day outside

48) Punctuate the sentence: he said to me i am a good girl

49) Punctuate the sentence: whos at the door

50) Punctuate the sentence: i invited him to come to my house