Spoken English Class Test

Spoken English Class Test 7

Welcome to your Present perfect

1)Sam _________ his friend in the 100 m race. (beat)(Present perfect)

2)The monkey ___________ on his leg in the jungle. (bite)(Present perfect)

3)_____ you ______ all the documents carefully? (keep)(Present perfect)

4)The dust __________ everywhere in the kitchen. (blow)(Present perfect)

5)She ___________ anything yet for the party wearing. (not/ choose)(Present perfect)

6)_____ we ______ this task completely? (do)(Present perfect)

7)He _______ most of the time playing games. (spend)(Present perfect)

8)She _________ a single word till now. (speak)(Present perfect)

9)Where _____ he _______ yesterday? (sit)(Present perfect)

10)I __________ all the terms and conditions of your company. (read)(Present perfect)

11)She _______ already ______ the bill with an extra tip. (pay)(Present perfect)

12)He ______ from the cafe. (leave)(Present perfect)

13)_____ you ______ that musical voice coming from that direction? (hear)(Present perfect)

14)The grass _______ very long these days. (grow)(Present perfect)

15)He _________ under the pressure of his boss. (work)(Present perfect)

16)I__________(visit) London several times.(Present perfect)

17)She________(eat) sushi before, but she doesn’t like it.(Present perfect)

18)We__________(travel) to Spain and Italy.(Present perfect)

19)They_________(watch) the movie already.(Present perfect)

20)John________(finish) his homework.(Present perfect)

21)My parents__________(buy) a new car.

22)He________(never fly) in a hot air balloon.(Present perfect)

23)She_________(live) in New York for ten years.(Present perfect)

24)I__________(meet) many interesting people during my travels.(Present perfect)

25)We________(never see) the Northern Lights.(Present perfect)

26)They________(study) French for three years.(Present perfect)

27)Tom__________(pass) his driving test.(Present perfect)

28)I_________(always want) to visit Japan.(Present perfect)

29)She_______(read) that book several times.(Present perfect)

30)He_________(just call) to say he is on his way.(Present perfect)

31)I___________(try) this dessert before, and it’s delicious.(Present perfect)

32)He________(never be) to a concert.(Present perfect)

33)They_________(already pay) for the tickets.(Present perfect)

34)She__________(lose) her keys and can’t find them.(Present perfect)

35)We___________(visit) the museum many times.(Present perfect)

36)The kids__________(play) soccer in the park.(Present perfect)

37)She_________(cook) dinner for her family.(Present perfect)

38)I__________(start) learning a new language.(Present perfect)

39)He___________(write) several novels.(Present perfect)

40)They_________(win) the championship twice.(Present perfect)

41)We___________(attend) many conferences this year.(Present perfect)

42)She__________(work) at the company for five years.(Present perfect)

43)I__________(paint) my room three times.(Present perfect)

44)He___________(give) a speech at the event.(Present perfect)

45)They__________(clean) the house from top to bottom.(Present perfect)

46)He__________a lot of English papers. (bring)(Present perfect)

47)She_________me about it. (tell)(Present perfect)

48) I_________to Radio City. (be)(Present perfect)

49)I_________my office. (paint)(Present perfect)

50)This order___________to many misunderstandings. (lead)